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Bruce R. Bryan

Attorney Bio

Bruce R. Bryan, Esq. - Criminal Appeals Attorney Syracuse NY | New York Appellate Lawyer

New York Attorney Bruce R. Bryan

Appellate attorney Bruce R. Bryan brings more than 20 years’ experience to his criminal and civil appeals work in the federal and state courts. You may access his complete attorney profile for additional information.

Legal Education

Bruce Bryan graduated from Fordham University School of Law at Lincoln Center in Manhattan in 1980. Mr. Bryan achieved Dean’s List and authored a law review article that was cited by the National Law Journal as recommended reading. He was selected for a student clerkship with a United States District Court Judge for the Southern District of New York, and an internship with the United States Attorney’s Office for the same district. He was also a summer associate with a Park Avenue law firm. As an undergraduate at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, he was awarded Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa.

Wall Street Lawyer

Attorney Bryan began practicing law on Wall Street as Associate General Counsel to First Investors Corporation, a mutual fund company headquartered on Wall Street in lower Manhattan. As Associate General Counsel, he was expected to render high quality legal advice on a broad range of legal issues affecting the corporation. Areas of law included corporate, securities, real estate, contracts, torts, pension and labor.

Palm Beach Trial Attorney

In 1984, Mr. Bryan accepted a position as a commercial trial attorney with Moyle, Flannigan, Katz, Fitzgerald & Sheehan, a Florida law firm known for its excellence. Cases involved the full spectrum of law and standards in practice were high. Through this position, Attorney Bryan obtained trial experience and practical knowledge of the ways in which appellate issues arise.

Respected Appellate Attorney

In 1986, Attorney Bryan returned to New York and chose to concentrate his practice in appeals before state and federal courts, employing his talents for legal analysis, persuasive writing, and effective oral argument. From his office in Syracuse, he has handled hundreds of appeals, both civil and criminal, throughout the United States. Attorney Bryan’s experience includes representation of clients before the Supreme Court of the United States. He also serves as a member of the Attorney Advisory Committee on Local Rules for the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York.

Ivy League Professor of Law

In addition to a full-time appellate practice, Mr. Bryan is an Adjunct Professor of Law teaching Appellate Advocacy at Cornell Law School. Lecture topics include: writing a persuasive statement of facts; what good judges are taught about good writing; methods to achieve clarity, brevity, and logic; issue selection; the effective use of precedent; establishing credibility; understanding non-legal factors that influence decisions; appellate procedure and standards of review; the winning opening statement; and handling questions from the bench. The course teaches strategies and skills that enhance the chance of winning an appeal.

Legal Author

Mr. Bryan is a well-recognized legal author on the subject of appeals. His recent ground-breaking work, Guide to Criminal Appeals, Review and Parole in New York, explains in simple language the appellate process for criminal appeals in New York. The book was written as a public service, and a free copy may be printed from this Web site. Mr. Bryan’s scholarly work also includes The Constitutional Rights of Non-resident Aliens Prosecuted in the United States, Fordham International Law Journal (1980), a law review article predicting the extension of constitutional rights to non-resident aliens and cited by the National Law Journal as recommended reading. Mr. Bryan further authored The Battle Between Mens Rea and the Public Welfare: United States v. Laughlin Finds a Middle Ground, Fordham Environmental Law Journal (1995), a law review article based on an appeal that Attorney Bryan handled having national impact in the field of environmental criminal law.

Appellate Lecturer

Attorney Bryan is frequently asked to speak at Continuing Legal Education Programs for lawyers on such appellate topics as: “Criminal Appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit,” “Civil Appeals to New York State Appellate Courts,” and “Effective Oral Arguments to Appellate Courts.” He also speaks to community groups on the subject of appeals.

Initiator of Legislation for Newborn Testing Hearing

In 1991, Mr. Bryan initiated a movement to introduce legislation in Congress for the testing of all newborn infants for hearing impairment, recognizing that early detection would substantially reduce hearing disabilities. Mr. Bryan proposed the law to Congressman Walsh, helped draft the initial bill, and worked with members of Congress, the medical community, and private citizens for its passage. In 2000, the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Act became law. The Act’s benefits exceeded all expectations, and testing now reduces or eliminates hearing disabilities for thousands of children across the United States.

B. Bryan, "Defendant's Guide to Criminal Appeals, Review & Parole in New York," (2005)

Guide to Criminal Appeals, Review & Parole in New York | Bryan Criminal Appeals Lawyer NY

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Cornell Adjunct Professor of Law

Guide to Criminal Appeals, Review & Parole in New York | Bryan Criminal Appeals Lawyer NY

As an adjunct faculty, Professor Bryan teaches "Advanced Persuasive Writing and Appellate Advocacy" to second and third year law students at Cornell Law School. Read More