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Bruce R. Bryan

Appeals in All States

American Justice - Bruce R. Bryan, Esq. - Criminal Appeals Attorney Syracuse NY | New York City Appellate Lawyer

Criminal appeals lawyer Bruce R. Bryan understands how to persuade appeals judges regardless of jurisdiction

Over his 20 years experience as a criminal appeals lawyer, Mr. Bryan has represented clients in multiple jurisdictions and courts. He is a master of the written word, experienced in the appellate process, and a skilled oral advocate. He knows how to persuade any appeals court in any jurisdiction by focusing the court on the strengths of your arguments and the weaknesses of your opponent’s case.

Criminal appeals lawyer Bruce R. Bryan is committed to excellence and has a broad knowledge of the law – federal, state, civil and criminal. He is an author on appeals and an Adjunct Professor of Appellate Advocacy at Cornell Law School, one of the United States’ leading legal institutions. Criminal appeals lawyer Bruce R. Bryan represents clients on appeals in all states, including NY criminal appeals. Criminal appeals lawyer Bruce R. Bryan also represents clients on all federal criminal appeals including appeals to the Supreme Court of the United States.


State Crimes

States criminalize a broad range of conduct that can subject a person to significant imprisonment. Examples of state crimes include homicide, assault, robbery, drug possession, money laundering, fraud, forgery, larceny, extortion, official misconduct, falsifying business records, computer crimes, endangering the welfare of a child, and sex crimes including rape, sexual abuse, and child pornography.

Issues on Criminal Appeals


A criminal appeal argues that errors occurred in a case that resulted in the wrongful conviction of the accused.  There are many types of errors that can occur in a criminal prosecution and at any stage of the case (see examples of Pre-Trial Errors, Trial Errors, and Sentencing Errors). A criminal appeal to an appeals court argues for reversal of the case on the ground that one or more errors denied the defendant of due process or a fair sentence. Among the errors that may be alleged is that there is insufficient evidence of guilt of the crime(s) charged.

Contact Criminal Appeals Lawyer Bruce R. Bryan


To obtain further information about Mr. Bryan’s criminal appeals practice, or to inquire about Mr. Bryan’s availability for a state criminal appeal or federal criminal appeal in jurisdictions outside New York, call either of his offices at 315-280-8790 or 914-281-1850.  When necessary, Mr. Bryan will appear pro hoc vice with the court’s permission. Mr. Bryan will also work cooperatively with trial counsel or co-appellate counsel on an appeal.

B. Bryan, "Defendant's Guide to Criminal Appeals, Review & Parole in New York," (2005)

Guide to Criminal Appeals, Review & Parole in New York | Bryan Criminal Appeals Lawyer NY

The object of appellate advocacy is to persuade. The winning advocate focuses the court on the strength of your case. Read More

Cornell Adjunct Professor of Law

Guide to Criminal Appeals, Review & Parole in New York | Bryan Criminal Appeals Lawyer NY

As an adjunct faculty, Professor Bryan teaches "Advanced Persuasive Writing and Appellate Advocacy" to second and third year law students at Cornell Law School. Read More