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Bruce R. Bryan

Real Estate


Appeals may involve disputes in the sale or exchange of real property. There may be an issue regarding the formation of a contract for the sale real property, or the construction and interpretation of the contract. A contract may contain conditions regarding the value of the premises and warranties as to its physical condition. Problems may occur in the performance of a real estate contract, particularly where the contract states that time is of the essence. Issues may arise regarding whether the seller has conveyed clear title to the property. Issues may arise as to the appropriate remedy for a breach.

Sometimes adjoining property owners find themselves in an appeal dealing with the need to determine a disputed boundary. Similarly, one party may assert a claim that he or she has obtained title through adverse possession. A court may be called upon to resolve a cloud over the title and to “quiet title.”


Contact Appeals Lawyer Bruce R. Bryan

Appeals lawyer Bruce R. Bryan has the background and experience to handle your real estate appeal. With more than 20 years as an appeals lawyer, Mr. Bryan has handled a variety of civil appeals.

In addition to his full-time practice as an appeals lawyer, Mr. Bryan is an Adjunct Professor of Appellate Advocacy at Cornell Law School, an Ivy League law school. He also teaches other lawyers about appeals to federal and state appeals courts. Mr. Bryan has appeared before state appeals courts, federal circuit courts of appeal and the Supreme Court of the United States.

To retain Mr. Bryan to handle your real estate appeal, or a case in one of his related areas of practice, please contact him at his office in Syracuse, New York by calling 315-280-8790 to request a consultation.

B. Bryan, "Defendant's Guide to Criminal Appeals, Review & Parole in New York," (2005)

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Cornell Adjunct Professor of Law

Guide to Criminal Appeals, Review & Parole in New York | Bryan Criminal Appeals Lawyer NY

As an adjunct faculty, Professor Bryan teaches "Advanced Persuasive Writing and Appellate Advocacy" to second and third year law students at Cornell Law School. Read More