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Bruce R. Bryan

NY Sentencing Appeals

A NY sentencing appeal challenges the length of a defendant’s sentence, based on the claim that the sentence was illegal or harsh and excessive. A sentence is illegal when the applicable criminal statute does not authorize the sentence imposed. A sentence is harsh and excessive when the sentence, in the view of the NY appeals court, is extreme and unjust when compared to sentences typically imposed against similarly situated defendants (click here for Sentencing Errors).

A NY sentencing appeal may not be limited to challenging a person’s sentence. A NY sentencing appeal may also challenge, if applicable, the sufficiency of the evidence supporting one or more of the elements of the crimes charged. A NY sentencing appeal may also raise errors that happened prior trial (see examples of NY criminal appeals Pre-Trial Errors). One or more errors may have been committed during the trial, such as rulings by the trial judge that wrongfully permitted harmful evidence or wrongfully excluded helpful evidence (see examples of NY criminal appeals Trial Errors).

NY Sentencing Appeals to NY Appeals Courts

Many NY sentencing appeals go to one of the departments of the appellate division for the NY appeals courts (for NY counties and the applicable department, click NY Appeals Courts).

Contact NY Criminal Appeals Lawyer Bruce R. Bryan for a Free Consultation

As apparent in his Attorney Biography, Mr. Bryan has years of solid experience as a NY criminal appeals lawyer.  He has represented many defendants on NY criminal appeals. He is the author of Guide to Criminal Appeals, Review and Parole in New York, an important law book on the process for advocating a NY criminal appeal. (Mr. Bryan has provided a Free Downloadable Copy of his book).

Mr. Bryan is an Adjunct Professor of Appellate Advocacy at Cornell Law School, an internationally recognized law school. He teaches lawyers on NY criminal appeals and has appeared before the Supreme Court of the United States and United States Circuit Courts of Appeal.

To retain Mr. Bryan on a NY sentencing appeal, please contact him at his offices in Syracuse at 315-280-8790 or in White Plains at 914-281-1850.

B. Bryan, "Defendant's Guide to Criminal Appeals, Review & Parole in New York," (2005)

Guide to Criminal Appeals, Review & Parole in New York | Bryan Criminal Appeals Lawyer NY

The object of appellate advocacy is to persuade. The winning advocate focuses the court on the strength of your case. Read More

Cornell Adjunct Professor of Law

Guide to Criminal Appeals, Review & Parole in New York | Bryan Criminal Appeals Lawyer NY

As an adjunct faculty, Professor Bryan teaches "Advanced Persuasive Writing and Appellate Advocacy" to second and third year law students at Cornell Law School. Read More